A Love Letter


My Dear Child,

You had not come into this world by accident. I had created you in your mother…s womb with a great purpose for you. You were fearfully and wonderfully made. I had covered you in your mother…s womb. I clothed you with skin and flesh and had fenced you with bones. In my book all your days were written, which in continuance were fashioned when as yet there were none of them. I carefully placed you inside my hands. It is my hand which brought you into this world out of your mother…s womb.

From then on, I carried you at all times. I always looked at you with so much affection and loved you all through the years. You were safe in my arms. When there was a path of thorns, I lifted you onto my shoulders. It is I who walked on the path of thorns, not you. Even when I was hurt, I was happy that, you my child were safe.

I loved to hear from you, your needs, desires and your feelings even though I know all about those before you speak them out. I provided you with all the good things from my storehouse in heaven. I loved you so much. Yet if you still feel and say that you need more love, I am ready to give myself once again on the cross for you. That is my love for you.

But yet, desiring the worldly love, you left me alone. My heart was broken. With tears overflowing and longing to have you back, I stretched my arms and called you to return. My child, but you rejected my love again. Today at this moment, I am crying badly hurt not because you rejected me, but you have lost your peace and joy you had before. You are moving towards a dangerous path, lost in your desires without realizing that you are going to perish.

More than 2000 years before I came into this world and bore the pain of crucification, died and rose again for the condemned souls. Surely there can…t be any greater love than giving the life for someone. I shed every drop of my blood, tread the path of affliction and gave my life entirely only for you, my dear child. That…s my love for you. I love you really so much. Words can never describe my love I have on you.

That is the reason why I decided to lay my life for you to save you. Don…t feel guilty because you moved away from me. My love for you has not reduced and it never ever will. Come back to my arms, my child. Even now if you still want me to prove my love for you, I am ready to come and die for you again. I can…t bear seeing you suffer without me. Return to me now, my dear child before it gets too late. I love you so much. I am waiting for you with wide open arms. I am not far away from you. I am just a word of prayer away. Longing to have you back in my arms and to hear from you.

With love words can…t express,

Your Ever Loving Dad,

— Author Unknown