About Us

E-Mail Ministry is a service of the Christian community for the Christian community and beyond. Please feel free to follow Jesus’ teachings to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19) by forwarding the E-Mail Ministry website address to others who are seeking God’s word.

Dramatic religious photo illustration of Good Friday and Easter Sunday Morning reflecting a prayerful moment of silence with a silhouetted person bowing his head, a warm sunrise rises over a foggy lake, and three crosses on a hill reflected in the water as well.

A story about Mother Theresa goes as follows: Mother Theresa said to a reporter, “Give me three pennies and God’s help and I’ll build a school.” Well that is how it has been with E-Mail Ministry. It started in late November, 1998, when Doug Boebinger received an inspiration from God. He combined Doug’s call to evangelism with his fascination with the power of email. On December 3, 1998, the first E-Mail Ministry message was sent to 15 people. They were encouraged to send it to others. Now, E-Mail Ministry stretches around the world sending messages to thousands of the faithful who forward them onto unknown thousands more.

Come, be a part of this swiftly growing ministry!

Subscribing to E-Mail Ministry is FREE! E-Mail Ministry’s substantial growth is primarily due to the subscribers. Very little advertising has been done. “… with God’s help and 15 subscribers I can build a ministry.”

To learn more about Doug Boebinger, you can view his LinkedIn profile and his company website, Integrated Process Developers, Inc (IPDI). IPDI, founded in 1997, is an international project management consulting and training company.

E-Mail Ministry is funded by contributions from Doug’s company, Integrated Process Developers, Inc., and the generous donations of its supporters.