Advice to Parents About Children

A – Always trust them to God’s care
B – Bring them to church
C – Challenge them to high goals
D – Delight in their achievements
E – Exalt the Lord in their presence
F – Frown on evil
G – Give them love
H – Hear their problems
I – Ignore not their childish fears
J – Joyfully accept their apologies
K – Keep their confidence
L – Live a good example before them
M – Make them your friends
N – Never ignore their endless questions
O – Open your home to their visits
P – Pray for them by name
Q – Quicken your interest in their spirituality
R – Remember their needs
S – Show them the way of salvation
T – Teach them to work
U – Understand they are still young
V – Verify your statements
W – Wean them from bad company
X – eXpect them to obey
Y – Yearn for God’s best for them
Z – Zealously guide them in biblical truth
— Author Unknown
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