America Reacts


A follow-up message from doug:

In my 11-Sept message titled “Today’s Terrorist Event” I had the following paragraph:

“I also beg you, please do not transfer any anger you harbor against the terrorists responsible for this attack against innocent others just because they are the same nationality or religion of the guilty. This will only play into the hands of the guilty and punish the innocent.”

I sent the entire 11-Sept message to a Arab Muslim friend of mine who is living in the United States.

He sent me the following reply:

“Dear Doug,
I was happy, despite the circumstance, to see your “E-Mail Ministry” message. It is very soothing and thoughtful. It addresses what I believe is the worst repercussion and ripple effect of such cowardly acts; blaming the innocent. Unfortunately, when tragedies like the ones happening right now take place, many Americans, understandably but not rightfully, treat all Arabs/Muslims like criminals and terrorists. In my mind, this is akin to thinking that all Americans are “Timothy McVeighs”, which is, of course, absolutely wrong. You know Doug, when some people engage in this type of broad brush characterization of others, living in the States becomes so tough and all the great things that put this country over the country where I originally came from or others, cease to exist. What hurts the most is that one no longer feels a part of this nation and feels the pain of being jilted. However, the
minute I see a class act, just stance, and wonderful gesture like the type your email message engenders and proliferates, I feel fortunate to be an American albeit with an accent and a different religion.”
— Tariq A.

Since last Tuesday, American’s have shown great country pride and an unselfish desire to help their fellow man. America is showing why it is such a great country. But remember, it wasn’t just American’s killed in the attacks. Secretary of State Colin Powell, in today’s briefing, stated “Thirty-seven countries lost citizens in the World Trade Center”. This was an attack on the world and the world is reacting. National government and their citizens have shown their support for America and their outrage at last Tuesday’s vicious, cowardly attack. And they are looking to America to see how to act and react.

But it saddens me, no, angers me, when I hear news reports about American’s who are taking justice into their own hands by verbally abusing, attacking and even killing Arabs and Muslims solely because of their nationality and/or religion. This only serves to lower us, all of us, to the level of the terrorists – attacking the innocent in order to promote a personal agenda.

I urge all of you, do not stand for this type of reaction. Fight this type of terrorism as hard as you fight against the terrorism of 11-Sept. Pray that each of us, people of all nationalities, people of all faiths, each of us will stand UNITED as ONE NATION, UNDER GOD. Pray that we
will learn that we must love each other, not destroy each other. And pray that this lesson will never be lost.

I hope this message finds you strong in your faith and may God shine his light upon you.

— doug
— The “Staff” of E-Mail Ministry