Angel Talk


Just inside the Pearly Gates
Underneath a gorgeous sky
Two angels hovered near a cloud
(They don’t sit like you and I!)

“I just don’t understand it,”
Said angel number one,
“I’ve watched and studied everything
Those foolish souls have done.”

The second angel gave a shrug,
“Why do you even care?
It’s no concern of ours at all
What they choose to do down there.”

“Maybe not,” the first one said,
“But still I’d like to know
With all the blessings they’ve received
What makes them quarrel so?”

The second angel stretched his wings
Then smoothed a ruffled feather,
“It’s just about a hopeless cause
For men to live together.”

“The Master’s working very hard
Has been for generations…..
And still they fight among themselves
causing death and devastation.”

The older angel softly sighed,
“You can’t change things, little one,
The Master’s tried everything
He even sacrificed His Son!!”

The young angel nodded slowly,
“That’s what seems so bad!
He suffered, bled and died for them!
He gave them all he had!”

“Oh, He still has more to give,”
The other looked both sad and wise,
“For I’ve seen Jesus when souls are lost,
And I’ve held Him while He cries.”

“For to Him each one is precious
With a value beyond measure…..
He wants them all up here with Him
To share in Heaven’s treasure.”

“And sometimes, someone down on Earth
Will kneel in fervent prayer
Crying out, ‘Please help me, God!
Show me that You’re there!'”

“And when that happens you will hear
All the bells of Heaven ring!
As the Master’s love pours down like rain
And the Heart of Jesus sings!”

— Author Unknown