Beginning With Him (July, 2001)

July, 2001 Edition

As is the continued tradition, the first E-Mail Ministry (EMM) message
of the month is my chance to talk to all of you about EMM and other
related items.

* * *
Normally the “Beginning With Him” message is a combination of short
pieces which have been sent to me over the past month along with some
information about the current events at E-Mail Ministry.

However, this month is a little different for two reasons. First,
circumstances over the past month makes me believe God is leading E-Mail
Ministry to modify is web service. Second, a recent injury to my left
index finger is making typing very difficult. Of course, this
newsletter is only about the first reason!

It is too difficult to explain (as well as type) the events which have
occurred; however, as I mentioned, God is prompting me to modify the
services offered on the E-Mail Ministry web site, specifically
concerning how the E-Mail Ministry messages are archived and how you,
the subscriber, can retrieve and use them.

I have been in contact with a web programmer who will build a web-based
message database which will do the following:
* All of the messages would be stored in a single location on the E
Mail Ministry web site (instead of the two current locations).
* Each message will be displayed in its own web page (instead of all
of the month’s messages being on a single web page as in the early
* There would be a single page index of all messages, sorted by date,
much like the one on the site now.
* Each message web page will have a button which will allow the
message to be forwarded to an e-mail address you provide. Many of
you have requested this functionality.
* Each message will be categorized concerning its theme.
* There would be another index page sorted by category. This will make
it easier for you to find a message which you can use in sermons,
Bible teachings, Sunday School, small groups, etc.

All of this would make the messages easier for you to find, retrieve,
forward to others and use in your ministry. There is one difficulty,
the database would cost approximately $7,500 – more than the total
annual budget of E-Mail Ministry. The only way this vision will come
about is if you believe in it, if you believe it is God’s calling for
this ministry.

I have prayerfully considered various methods of fund raising such as
advertising (but who really likes all those banners?). A few have
suggested that I start a “Partners” program and only Partners (people
who have made financial contributions) be able to access the message
archives. However, this ministry isn’t about fund-raising by allowing
only a selected few access to the inspirational messages. This ministry
is about spreading God’s messages to all, without any barriers.

Therefore, I am requesting that you prayerfully consider supporting this
ministry and this vision by making a contribution. You may make
donations by credit card at:
Credit card donations can be made as a one-time donation or as a monthly
recurring donation.

You can also make a donation by check. Checks can be sent to:
E-Mail Ministry, Inc.
P.O. Box 944
Garden City, MI 48136-0944

If you make a donation of $25.00 or more I will send you a copy of Max
Lucado’s exciting new 64 page evangelistic book “He Did This Just For
You”. It’s the perfect way to help you introduce the gospel to your
family members, friends and acquaintances as well as strengthen your own
faith. This has been a popular offer and supplies are limited. Hurry
now, don’t miss out on this wonderful book!

E-Mail Ministry is exclusively supported by its subscribers. I do not
accept any compensation for my efforts with this ministry.

I pray this message finds you growing in the understanding of how much
God loves you.

— doug
Founder, Editor, Webmaster & ‘Chief Bottle Washer’ of E-Mail Ministry