Beginning With Him – September 2009


A note from doug:

From time to time, at the beginning of the month, I like to send out a compilation message of various items I…ve accumulated over time.

This month I start off with an update on the state of E-Mail Ministry.
Earlier this year I mentioned that E-Mail Ministry had about 5 months of funding remaining until it was out of money.

Thanks to the generousity of a few nice people, E-Mail Ministry has continued to be financially self sustaining.

My prayer is that, as the economy continues to turn around (and hopefully start growing), that others will feel it in their heart to support this ministry.

In December of this year, this ministry will start its 12th year of supporting and encouraging Christians and Seekers around the world.

As I mentioned in a “Beginning With Him” message earlier this year, in an effort to raise funds for this ministry beyond the donations received, I have decided to offer my company…s services to the E-Mail Ministry subscribers at a discounted rate in what I hope will be a win-win situation … a discount for you personally & your company and a donation to E-Mail Ministry from my company.

To make it a win for you, I will deduct 10% off any of our online courses. Simply use the discount code …IPDI10… when you register for the course. Also, put in …EMM… as the Learner Code so that I know you are from E-Mail Ministry.

If your company contracts with my company for any of our consulting and/or onsite training services, I will reduce our standard rates by 10%. Just let me know you are an E-Mail Ministry subscriber.

To make it a win for E-Mail Ministry, my company will donate 10% of the sales generated from this offer (in addition to the standard church tithe) to E-Mail Ministry.

You can go to my company…s website to learn more about its offerings:

My prayer is that this offer will generate enough earnings to sustain E-Mail Ministry into the future.

Working on E-Mail Ministry not only ministers to you (I hope) but also ministers to me. And your notes to me also are very helpful.

I would like to thank all of you for allowing me to perform this ministry. I hope to continue to enjoy it for years to come. I pray that you, and your loved ones, will continue to enjoy it.
* * *

It is said: “Be very careful if you make a woman cry, because God counts her tears. The woman came out of a man’s rib. Not from his feet to be walked on. Not from his head to be superior, But from the side to be equal – under the arm to be protected and next to the heart to be loved.”

* * *

Ever wondered what would happen if we treated our Bible like we treat our cell phones?
What if we carried it around in our purse or pocket?
What if we flipped through it several times a day?
What if we turned back to get it if we forgot it?
What if we used it to receive messages from the text?
What if we treated it like we couldn’t live without it?
What if we gave it to kids as gifts?
What if we took it with us when we traveled?
What if we used it in case of an emergency?
This is something to make you go…hmm…where’s my Bible?
And unlike our cell phones, we don’t have to worry about our Bible being disconnected because Jesus already paid the bill.

* * *

I knocked on heaven’s door this morning.
God asked me :My child, what can I do for you?”
I said, “Father, please protect the person reading this message.”
God smiled and answered, “Request granted.”

* * *

Jake, the rancher, went one day
To fix a distant fence.
The wind was cold and gusty
And the clouds rolled gray and dense.

As he pounded the last staples in
And gathered tools to go,
The temperature had fallen,
The wind and snow began to blow.

When he finally reached his pickup,
He felt a heavy heart.
From the sound of that ignition
He knew it wouldn’t start.

So Jake did what most of us
Would do if we had been there.
He humbly bowed his balding head
And sent aloft a prayer.

As he turned the key for the last time,
He softly cursed his luck
They found him three days later,
Frozen stiff in that old truck.

Now Jake had been around in life
And done his share of roaming.
But when he saw Heaven, he was shocked —
It looked just like Wyoming !

Of all the saints in Heaven,
His favorite was St. Peter.

So they sat and talked a minute or two,
Or maybe it was three.
Nobody was keeping’ score —
In Heaven, time is free.

‘I’ve always heard,’ Jake said to Pete,
‘that God will answer prayer,
But one time I asked for help,
Well, he just plain wasn’t there.’

‘Does God answer prayers of some,
And ignore the prayers of others?
That don’t seem exactly square —
I know all men are brothers.’

‘Or does he randomly reply,
Without good rhyme or reason?
Maybe, it’s the time of day,
The weather or the season.’

‘Now I ain’t trying to act smart,
It’s just the way I feel.
And I was wondering’, could you tell me —
What the heck’s the deal?!’

Peter listened very patiently
And when Jake was done,
There were smiles of recognition,
And he said, ‘So, you’re the one!!’

That day your truck, it wouldn’t start,
And you sent your prayer a flying,
You gave us all a real bad time,
With hundreds of us trying.’

‘A thousand angels rushed,
To check the status of your file,
But you know, Jake, we hadn’t heard
From you in quite a long while.’

‘And though all prayers are answered,
And God ain’t got no quota,
He didn’t recognize your voice,
And started a truck in Minnesota .’


* * *

God Bless All of You!

Have a blessed day!

— doug boebinger

— The Entire “Staff” of E-Mail Ministry