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E-Mail Ministry Anniversary 2021

I know life continues to be difficult for many people. The last two years have worn on all our lives. COVID-19 has claimed the lives of 5.2 million people (up from 1.5 million 12 months ago) with over 262.8 million cases (up from 64.5 million 12 months ago) worldwide. No one knows what the latest variant will do. This has had an immeasurable impact on people’s lives emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually.

Many of us have lost loved ones but couldn’t say goodbye or find closure in memorial / celebration of life services and funerals. Even though travel has opened in most areas around the world, People still can’t see their loved ones and hold them close. Still others feel isolated and alone without the usual social interactions. Again, no one knows what the latest variant impact will be on people’s lives.

My prayer is that the world will come together and, with the help of the vaccines, eradicate the virus. Until then, do your part by physically distancing from others, wearing a mask, be aware of your environment and stay safe. Check in on your loved ones, your neighbors, and your friends to see how they are doing physically and mentally / emotionally.

Today marks 23 years since the initial E-Mail Ministry message that was sent out to 15 “volunteer” subscribers. There are now nearly 11,800 e-mail addresses on the subscriber list with messages going to all points around the world. The frequency of the messages has become sporadic for reasons I will not go into here. But, with God’s help, I hope to keep sending messages out periodically.

If you are interested in a daily devotional (Monday – Friday), I would highly recommend “Morning Reflections” by Glenn McDonald. My family and I have known Glenn for more years than either of us will admit. His devotionals are his original writings, relevant to current events and very insightful.

Glenn McDonald is a Presbyterian Church (USA) minister with 42 years of experience as a congregational and workplace pastor. A graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, he has authored ten books on discipleship and spiritual formation.

Glenn was the organizing pastor of Zionsville Presbyterian Church in suburban Indianapolis, which was identified in a 2001 study by Lilly Endowment as one of the 300 Excellent Protestant Congregations in America.

You can learn more about his Morning Reflections and subscribe to them on his website: https://glennsreflections.com

I am hoping this CHRISTmas season renews you in all possible ways.

God Bless

— doug boebinger


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— Doug Boebinger
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