What does Easter mean to you?

An Easter egg or a hot cross bun?
A trip to church, maybe family fun?

Have you looker deeper to find the true reason?
Have you met the Man who gave Life to this season?
Would YOU die a cruel death to save somebody’s life?
For a stranger, his son, father, daughter or wife?

Who in his right mind would do such a thing?
A madman perhaps, a crazed ruler or king?
But no … this Man was no madman or thief.
He carried our sorrows, our burdens, our grief.

He carried it all as He hung on that cross,
His disciples all thought, “It’s over … we’ve lost”.
“The man whom we thought was God – come to earth …
this man whom we know had an uncommon birth.”

“He’s dying before us – His life ebbs away.
Where are God’s angels to enter this fray?”
“Listen! He speaks now! Come closer and hear
what he’s saying to those who show Him no fear.”

Is He ranting and cursing, is he muttering hate?
Is he damning all those? Is he sealing their fate?
But the words that he uttered were surprisingly few.
“Father, forgive them … they know not what they do”.

What love, what forgiveness, what freedom He gave –
To those who believe, to those He would save.
“It’s too good to be true,” say the doubters and scoffers.
“The church just wants money to fill up its coffers.”

If that’s what you think, think again and you’ll see
This Jesus who suffered – died for you and for me.
It’s simple, not hard, to seek truth from above.
So ask God to show you His heart and His love.

Lay down your agenda, put aside your distrust.
It’s hard to be humble … lay pride in the dust.
But there’s no other way to come to the King
There’s nothing of value to Him you could bring.

There’s only one thing of value to give
The heart that you offer, the life that you live..

— Author Unknown