Elizabeth’s Mission Trip

ELIZABETH’S MISSION TRIP (A special message from doug)

This E-Mail Ministry message is a little different than any other I have sent out previously. I want to tell you about a remarkable young lady and her calling by God to go on a mission trip.

My family and I have known Elizabeth and her family for the past 15 years. We enjoyed watching her grow up into a wonderful, Godly young lady of 16. Elizabeth and her family have been involved in just about every aspect of the church.

Recently, Elizabeth has prayerfully accepted God’s calling to go on a mission trip to Botswana, Africa through a very reputable organization called Teen Mania Ministries.

However, as Elizabeth writes in a letter to her friends and church members, “I cannot do this by myself, so I am asking you to be a part of this journey with me, in both prayer and finances. I especially ask for your support in prayer. Prayer is so important and can make such a difference. If you could pray with me for the people I will meet in Botswana, for my team and leaders, for my heart and mind to be ready, for my stamina, for my family. I am blessed with an amazing family. So if you could pray for them that would be awesome. I know your prayer can make a huge difference.”

The reason for my writing is to ask you to prayerfully consider Elizabeth’s request by:
* supporting her in prayer (her trip is from July 11th – August 5th). You can e-mail prayers to her by sending them to emailministry@emailministry.org with the subject line “Elizabeth’s mission prayer”,
* and, if possible, supporting her financially. The total cost of the mission trip is $4,180.

If you wish to contribute financially, please send your tax deductible check, made payable to “E-Mail Ministry”. ALL contributions received between now and the end of March will be contributed to Elizabeth’s mission trip.

Send donations (checks or money orders in US funds only – do not send cash) to:

E-Mail Ministry, Inc.
P.O. Box 6293
Plymouth, MI 48170

If you prefer, you can donate via PayPal. To do this go to the donations page at: https://www.emailministry.org/donate.asp and then click on the PayPal donate button.

NOTE: E-Mail Ministry is a United States 501(c)(3) non-profit recognized organization. Therefore, your donations are tax deductible.

In early April, I will forward to Elizabeth any prayers you send for her. I will also total up all the donations and contribute them to Elizabeth’s mission trip on behalf of the E-Mail Ministry subscribers.

I am only sending out this request through E-Mail Ministry because I felt led by the Holy Spirit to do so. This is not a change in direction for E-Mail Ministry and I have no plans of making another request like this in the future. Elizabeth is a family friend and a Godly young lady who is living her life for Jesus in a difficult world.

Thank you for your time and for prayerfully considering this request.

Have a blessed day!

— doug

— The Staff of E-Mail Ministry