Go Fly A Kite


Have you ever flown a kite? Or maybe watched someone else.

It’s fascinating of how paper, sticks and string can defy the law of gravity with just a slight breeze. In an open field you can fly for hours, but get near power lines or trees and you risk getting tangled.

Being a witness is like flying a kite. Start with a ball of string (your faith), as your kite sores higher (spiritual growth) a little more string is let out (faith grows). But you must be anchored with a weight (God’s Word) to prevent being carried away (deceived).

Yielding to the wind (Holy Spirit) the kite (your witness) catches the breeze (vision) and it takes you to a higher level. Go against the wind (Holy Spirit) and your kite (witness) takes a sudden dip. Keep your string (faith) untangled from the trees (cares of this world) or the danger of power lines (the enemies traps) and the flight (joy) will be unending!

— Michele Wendt
(An E-Mail Ministry Subscriber)