God’s Word: A Shield For Me


“I’m not supposed to give these away,” the young man said, handing me a
display Bible, “but I sense you should have this.” I shrugged and
absently tucked it away. We had a Bible at home. I’d only stopped by the
Gideons table because nothing else at the Iowa State Fair was set up.

A few days later I was walking to town when a car pulled up beside me.
“Get in,” the driver snarled, pointing a gun at me. I did as he said.
Soon he pulled over, grabbed me and tried to force me down on the seat.
I struggled with all my strength. Finally he ordered me out of the car.

Before both my feet were on the ground, I heard a shot and felt a sharp
pain in my side. I collapsed, and the man came around the car. He picked
up my purse, took out my wallet then threw the purse on my head and shot
it. I felt a dreadful impact. Still conscious, I lay silent, hoping he
would think I was dead. I heard the car drive away, and I stumbled to a
nearby farmhouse. A woman called for help, and the police were closing
in on the drug-crazed driver based on the description I’d given them.

At the hospital, just before I went into surgery to remove the bullet in
my side, my sister came to see me. “Do you know what saved your life,
Mavis?” she asked.

She handed me the Bible that had been in my purse. A bullet was lodged
inside, its tip stopping exactly at Psalm 37:14-15: “The wicked draw the
sword, and bend the bow . . . to slay those whose ways are upright. But
their swords will pierce their own hearts, and their bows will be
broken.” This is what it means to know the voice of God. The young man
wasn’t supposed to give away the Bibles, but he “sensed” that God wanted
him to give the Bible away to this lady. He probably thought that she
would open the Bible and read something that would turn her life around,
or bring her closer to the reality of God.

But the sword came first, and then certainly a peace that only comes
from God-the reality of His protection made manifest by those who
“sense” His will.

— Author Unknown