How to Live Like a True Christian


I want to be a happy Christian
wear a smile on my face
don’t want to be a dooms day teacher
spreading gloom all over the place.

Let’s keep praying and trusting
that the Lord will make a way
for us to be happy Christian
and keep praising Him everyday.

Some people moan and groan
underneath the load they bare
I don’t want to add to their burdens
I want to teach them God cares.

It’s true this old world contains
enough evil to drive us mad
I believe there’s still some good
not everyone has turned bad.

If we love our neighbor
and share the things we get
we will find this old world
has a little hope left yet.

We need to keep on trying
to reach our fellowman
we need to spread the Gospel
of God’s Good News all we can.

— Author Unknown