May I Help You?

A few years ago I arranged to meet a good friend of mine, a pastor on the north side of Indianapolis, for lunch.

We decided to try a restaurant well known for its savory Italian dishes.

We walked through the front door at high noon.  Interestingly, there was no one to greet us.

Far across the dining room we could see a few tables of customers being tended by a single server.

Looking toward the kitchen, we could see three cooks.

They were standing motionless, looking at us plaintively.

OK, I thought they were looking at us plaintively.

After five minutes the manager appeared.  He was deeply sorry, but he couldn’t seat us.

Only one server had come to work that day, and she had her hands full with those who had already arrived.

My friend and I looked at each other.  We were both hungry.

So we walked across the street and ate at McAlister’s.

It occurred us that we had just experienced a living parable of God’s kingdom.

The world is full of hungry people.  Cooks are waiting to feed them.

But there aren’t enough servers.

Until the servers show up, not many people are going to be seated.

Or cared for.  Or fed.  Or inspired to become servants themselves who will feed still others.

Do you want to do something spectacular today?  Something that will deepen and extend God’s reign on earth?

Show up and serve.

— Authored by Glenn McDonald

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