Medical Mystery


Several years ago, my husband had excruciating pain in his head following an episode during which he stated it felt as if something had exploded in his head. We immediately saw a physician who recommended a CAT SCAN. Immediately following the CT SCAN, an MRI was recommended to further diagnose a suspected hemorage. Following the MRI, we were told that my husband had an arterial-vascular malformation that had ruptured(AVM). We were immediately sent to St. Louis for a cerebral angiogram, which we were told preceeded the brain surgery required to repair the rupture. In the interim, a lot of prayer was offered for my husband. We went faithfully to these doctors, not knowing anything about the type of medical involvement that we could expect. During the angiogram, the doctors could see a hemorage, but were unable to find the source. Things were somewhat repaired in there. There was a venuous malformation in his head, but were told that it would have been impossible for this to have hemoraged and my husband still be ok. The doctors were somewhat baffled, and we were faced with the most miraculous testimony of God’s healing in our lives than we could ever have imagined. Basically, they sent us home without explanation. It’s so easy to let this go untold as time goes by, but I thought this might be a wonderful place to share this wonderful story of how God has worked in our lives.