Rosie Johnson Birthday


Imagine you get an invitation to Rosie Johnson’s birthday! You have heard people mention Rosie, but you have never met her. But it sounds festive. So you began preparing for her birthday. It will be celebrated at your home. So you spend a few hundred dollars on decoration, endless hours preparing special foods…who’s birthday…oh, yes, some lady named Rosie. Let’s see, you and the children will need new clothes…another $200.00, and lets buy everyone who comes to this celebration a gift…another $325.00…boy, this is getting expensive…you don’t even know this lady…but you’ve already spent…oh, you don’t even want to think about it! See, you think there may be special music available, is there enough food! Oh, my are you tired…but it’s for whats-her-name..

Isn’t that how Christmas is for so many people…going through a lot of work and expense to celebrate the birthday of someone they have never met! Let’s remember what we are celebrating and help others meet whose birth they are celebrating.

— Author Unknown