So Big!



How long has it been since you’ve played the game So Big?

The key component for this game is a small child – quite often a child who doesn’t yet even know how to speak.

An adult will ask, “How big have you grown since the last time I saw you?”

Then together adult and child will put out their arms and shout, “So big!”

Someone else will ask, “And how big will you be this time next year?”

Everyone stretches out their arms even further and says, “So big!”

It turns out this is a great time of year for variations on this theme.

How big is that pile of clothes and household items you’re donating to Goodwill after spring cleaning?  It’s so big!  How big is that garden you’re going to plant this year?  It’s so big!  And how big is your VISA bill going to be after your summer vacation?

This exercise does have certain limitations.

For example, it’s generally not a good idea to turn to your spouse at the next family picnic and say, “So, honey, how big is your belt going to have to be by Labor Day?”

Here’s a more redemptive question:

How big is your God?  Is your God so big, or is he much, much smaller?

It’s actually not that hard to tell.

The size of your God is directly related to how much you worry…to how much you hope…to how well you handle the most irritating thing that happens to you today.

Someone may be able to rattle off from memory a dozen Scripture verses about the immensity of God, but if the God they actually trust is dramatically smaller, they have little choice but to begin every 24 hours knowing that the outcome of the day ahead is ultimately up to them.

Therefore they feel threatened by loss.
They feel frightened by the unpredictable.
They feel anxious about the future.

To know and to trust a God who is as big as the Bible claims, however, is to face life with a fundamentally different perspective.

God is so big according to Scripture that we can know we will never be separated from his love.

God is so big we can let insults go and choose a life of love.

God is so big we can survive a major mistake at work, a huge hit to our reputation, or even the termination of a job we can’t imagine losing.

God is so big we can lose money, and lose dreams, and even lose a person we have loved with all of our heart, yet still be able to grasp, deep down, that we can never lose what really matters – the assurance of deep, lasting Life in this world and the next.

That’s a very big God, indeed.

— Authored by Glenn McDonald

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