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I want to take a minute to give all of you an update on E-Mail Ministry, its recent past and its future.

The last E-Mail Ministry message went out on April 19th.  It was not my intention at the time to make it the last one.  At first, I thought I would take a month “sabbatical” from the ministry.  However, for professional and personal reasons, 1 month turned into 7 ½ months.

After much personal reflection and prayer, I’ve decided to revive the E-Mail Ministry messages for two reasons:

  1. Several of you asked what happened to them…
  2. Despite no messages going out for 7 ½ months, the number of subscribers has actually increased.  I take that as God wanting this ministry to continue.

21 years ago today (Dec 3, 1998), I sent out my first message to 15 “volunteer” subscribers and asked them to forward them to others as they felt led by God.

In 21 years, I have sent out 2,297 messages.  The total current number of subscribers is 15,819.  If I take the number of messages sent each month times the number of subscribers in that month then 34,366,649 e-mails have been sent around the world spreading the Word via this ministry that has been sustained by no advertising – just word of “mouth”.

You can still access all the messages on the E-Mail Ministry website: www.emailministry.org

The old format was messages being sent out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  However, in the past few years, my schedule has prevented me from keeping that commitment.  So, going forward, I will send out a message when time allows – but no more than 3 per week.  I have no idea what day the message will be sent out – and some weeks I may not get to it at all.  Hope that is OK with all of you.

I’ll do my best to continue this ministry, with your prayerful help.

Have a blessed day.

— doug

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