The True Suffering Can’t Be Seen


On Good Friday we mark the date when Jesus took upon Himself the sinfulness of all who would come to God through Him. The beating He endured, the spikes, the crown of thorns, the humiliation, the thirst, the injustice, all of it was horrible. But the true suffering of the cross was that the pure, sinless Son of God became a sin offering for you and me nailed upon an old rugged cross.

I don’t know how He could have willingly allowed Himself to suddenly become as filthy as the most evil murderer, as vile as the most base harlot, as guilty as the greediest thief, and as far removed from the Heavenly Father as a soul could ever be? But in that moment when, on the old rugged cross He cried “Why have you forsaken me?” He paid for your sins and for mine. He paid for it all because, as a sinless substitute, He took our guilt upon himself.

We can portray the psychical suffering Jesus endured at Calvary through magnificent works of art. But who among us could ever reveal even the smallest whisper of a glimpse into the suffering of the soul of our precious Savior on that Good Friday so long ago?

— Jerry H. Miller