Update on the E-Mail Ministry website


I am pleased to announce that the E-Mail Ministry website if fully functional for the first time in over a year.

Background: As some of you may know, spam is not only a problem for e-mail but is also a problem for web sites. You may have noticed on other web sites that when you fill out a form to buy something or to register for a web site, they have you type in a string of characters from an image. This is to prevent …spammers… from developing auto-fill routines to automatically fill up forms to submit flatulent or offensive data. This was the problem that the E-Mail Ministry web site was suffering from. I was getting about one legitimate web site submission for every 100 submitted. It got so bad I had to shut down everything on the web site except the stories.

As you may recall from previous notes from me, I tried to find someone to help re-design the web site to eliminate this problem. I was unable to find anyone who could help considering the unique structure of the web site (unique as in old technology!!).

However, while surfing another website, I am across a simple solution. I have put the web pages that allow you to submit items to the web site behind a secured, password protected barrier. This seems to have eliminated the spamming problem. Therefore, the E-Mail Ministry web site is back to full strength and ready for your submittals and surfing!!

You can now submit the following items to the E-Mail Ministry web site:
* Guest Book: How has E-Mail Ministry supported your faith walk? (https://www.emailministry.org/guestbook.asp)

* Favorite Verses: What is your favorite verse and why? (https://www.emailministry.org/favoriteverses.asp)

* Prayer Request: Have a prayer or praise request you would like to share? (https://www.emailministry.org/prayerRequest.asp)

* Christian Site: Post a link to your favorite Christian site. If you find a posted link that doesn’t work, please let me know. (https://www.emailministry.org/links.asp)

* Christian Humor: Have a funny, clean, Christian joke you would like to share? (https://www.emailministry.org/humor.asp)

* Testimonials: What is your testimonial? Please keep it short. (https://www.emailministry.org/testimonies.asp)

To add a post to any of these items, go to the respective page and click on the link at the top
– or –
Go to: https://www.emailministry.org/addcontent.asp

Make note of the User ID and the Password indicated. At the bottom of the page are links to the various pages to add the item you desire. Once you click on a link, you will be asked for the ID and Password which you will need to enter.

Once on the web page, fill out the form with the requested information. All posts will be reviewed by me prior to being published. It may take me up to a week to review your submitted information. The exception is the Prayer Requests submittals which are approved immediately. However, if I find a Prayer Request which is offensive, I will remove it as soon as I discover it or am informed about it.

I hope you will take advantage of these services. They were once very vital aspects of the E-Mail Ministry web site and I pray they will be again.

Thank you for your patience.

Have a blessed day!

— doug

— The Staff of E-Mail Ministry

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