Valentine’s Day


A time of giving, remembering, loving.

A time for friends, family, spouses.

A time to stop

…pause a moment…

and look at the beauty that surrounds life.

Look not only at the obvious beauty of the sun, sea and sky,


also at the magical beauty of the unknown, the unexplained,

the many things we so readily take for granted.

Like the way the petals so uniformly, yet individually,
form the image and take on the identity of a flower,
a precious gift of Life…Nature’s life.


How the uniqueness and similarity in every person merge,
The warmth, the understanding, the certainty shared by many,
yet expressed and felt so differently.

As is the flower a constant reminder to us of life’s beauty
and new beginnings, so too is the thought , the emotion,
the drive which makes us unique, yet brings us together.