What If Jesus Came A Calling


What would you really do, if Jesus came to call?
Would you be too ashamed, to answer the door at all?

Would you welcome such a visit, or quickly try to hide,
Any evidence of what you know, our Lord could not abide?

Is the movie you just rented, one of which you’d proudly boast?
Would you invite Him in to watch it, or be a quality host?

Are the books you have been reading, of a nature you’d be proud?
Could you ask the Lord to listen, as you read each one aloud?

Would the music you were enjoying, before Jesus called on you,
Make you want to turn the volume up, so He could enjoy it, too?

Would you run and grab your Bible, and wipe the dust away?
Then quickly place it in better view, to pretend it’s read each day?

Is there any possibility you might want to apologize?
Because you never talk to Him, but you didn’t realize?

Can you honestly say, that if Jesus came to call,
You’d be happy He came by, or be ashamed at what He saw?

Written By: Tammy B. Young (ricktammy_young@yahoo.com)