Why Jesus?


JESUS was born,
that I might be born twice.

HE became poor,
that I might possess wealth.

HE became homeless,
that I might have mansions.

HE was stripped,
that I always should have clothes.

HE was forsaken,
that I always should have friends.

HE was bound,
that I might have perfect liberty.

HE was sad,
that I might have full joy.

HE descended,
that I should be lifted up.

HE became a servant,
that I might be a son forever.

HE was hungry,
that I should always have food.

HE was made sin,
that I should share HIS righteousness.

HE died,
that I should never taste Eternal death.

HE will come down,
that I might go up.

All of this — that HE might display in me the riches of HIS grace
and be the companion of God in the heavenlies.

— Author Unknown