A Testimonial From Richard Dawson


Doctors diagnosed a massive brain tumor in my Mother in 1984. She was referred to the University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan for evaluation. The neurosurgeon recommended immediate surgery as soon as my folks could settle their affairs. The plan was to remove only 20% of the grapefruit-sized tumor. On the morning of her surgery, Mom had a major seizure and nearly died. The quick response of her roommate in the other bed, and medical staff who performed emergency shunt surgery in the hall of the neurology ward in order to stabilize my Mother, and drain the tremendous pressure caused by cranial fluid build-up, saved my Mom’s life.

She had the scheduled surgery later that day, and for the next four months, she was in a coma. One day, my brother, pat, and I were in Mom’s room, talking to her as usual about what was going-on. I asked Mom top please wake-up, so we could see those blue Irish eyes once again, and she woke-up!!! It startled my brother and I, but a miracle had happened!

For the next four years, Mom went gradually downhill, the huge tumor, mostly benign, would “act-up” and further debilitate Mom. Dad could no longer care for her and was forced to admit her to a skilled nursing home, where she spent her last several months of Life.

On the November of 1989, Mom slipped into coma, and the labored chest-heaving breathing took over. I was in town that weekend, deer hunting with my Dad and brothers, and we got the call to come quickly to the nursing home. We were told that Mom was dying and when was unknown, but available. We went home and I stayed with Dad that night. Lying in bed, I couldn’t stop thinking about Mom, and the nurse’s words and body language when she talked with us. I got-up and called the nursing home and asked to speak with charge nurse. When she picked-up I asked her if we should come back right away, and she said, off the record, that we should. I roused Dad, and called my sister, Sue, and the three of us went there.

It was the middle of the night, and Dad and Sue went to get something to eat. I was alone in waiting room. Suddenly, a voice said to me, “Richard, if you want to make amends to your Mother, go to her now!” The voice was clear as a bell, and I rose and went to Mom.

Sitting on her bed, near to her, I began to ask for forgiveness for all of the worry that I had caused my Mom over the years, all of the nights that she laid awake, wondering where I was, her alcoholic son. Her right eye opened, and she looked intently at me as I spoke, tears filling my eyes, grateful to God that this was allowed to happen, and as I leaned forward to kiss Mom, she pursed her lips and kissed me!

She immediately fell back into a comatose state, chest heaving as she struggled to breathe, her voluntary systems shutting down, as her involuntary systems took over. At about 6am, Mom died. All of us that could be there were in her room with her. When her life eased, I went to her bed, sat near and kissed her once more.

I am so very grateful to Almighty God that He allowed this Miracle to take place. Mom’s right eye looked upon me with compassion and forgiveness, and I know that God was the Orchestrater!

Richard Dawson (rdawson@nwm.cog.mi.us)