Testimonial from Bonnie


I never really gave the LORD much thought until 1994. I had grown up in a dysfunctional home and my father was not a religious man, and actually quite the opposite. I was the scapegoat in the family and I received an enormous amount of abuse, all kinds of abuse, not only from my ranting father, but from my oldest brother and from my peers as well. Life was an extreme hardship, and being alive was almost more than I could bare. I was a problem child, to say the least. Actually, all of my siblings were big trouble in one way or another.

I grew up, married and had a child. As my child grew, I noticed that he had problems similar to mine, though I never abuse him. I tried very hard through consultations with the school, to find out the cause for his poor school work, his social problems and his laziness, even though it was apparent that he was bright. I could see me in him and it scared me.

For nearly 10 years off and on, we went to psychiatrists, yet not one of them could “put their finger on it”. I was beating my head against a wall, all the time causing my son to feel less and less sure of himself because I kept dragging him around. Both he and my husband thought that I was “the problem” because I couldn’t let it go. But, it was the love for my son that kept me trying to find the answer.

One autumn day, I had been working outside since morning. Fall clean-up around here is a big chore. I needed a short break so came into the house for a quick drink. I then started to go back outside and with my hand on the doorknob, a voice in my head said, “Turn the T.V. on!” I was in a hurry to get back to leaf clean-up so ignored it. I opened the door and began walking out when the voice said again, but much louder this time, “Turn the T.V. on!” I closed the door and turned the T.V. on. Without even changing channels, I caught the end of a public service announcement saying that if your kid does this and this and this, he
just might have Attention Deficit Disorder. I sent for the information and test, took my son for testing by a professional and he does indeed have ADD.

When I found out what made my son different, I found out what made me different. I also found out what made my family so dysfunctional. For a year after the experience, I did all I could to find out about ADD. It’s all I could think about.It answered every question I ever had, and more.

Then one day, I realized what had actually happened. There was no room for doubt that my experience that day was DIVINE INTERVENTION. No doubt! It was as if GOD was saying, “THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN TRYING SO HARD TO FIND, SO LET ME SHOW YOU!” I felt truly blessed. And to drive home my point, I have never seen that public service announcement before or since.

I have been a Christian since 1994, one year after my little miracle. (Sorry GOD that it took me so long. We ADDers are blind to the obvious sometimes but I suppose you already knew that.) I thank GOD every night for showing me the truth. HE truly is my savior.

— Bonnie (buttons67@hotmail.com)