Beginning With Him – Feb, 1999

As I did last month, I would like to “report out” on the latest and greatest concerning E-Mail Ministry.

As of this date we have 79 people subscribed to E-Mail Ministry, almost double from the number we had at the beginning of January (40 people). One thing about e-mail in general is you have no idea where people live who have subscribed. I do know that one person is in Sweden!

Christian web site / newsgroup, send me the URL and the web site’s/newsgroup’s name and I will post it.

All of the February E-Mail Ministry messages have been posted in the Feb. archives on the web page. So if you just recently subscribed and you want to read what you missed, feel free to visit the site!

I have received many positive feedbacks from people about this ministry. Here a just a few of them:

“Praise God! Whenever I need some Christian encouragement, the Lord always manages to touch my heart. Thank you for sharing this, it was appreciated and in God’s plan for me today!!” – B.S.

“I enjoy the notes, and forward them as led to.” – D.K.

“I believe this ministry is needed throughout our world, and I wish to thank you for adding me to your Email list. I have forwarded some of your messages to others and I plan to continue doing this.” – J.M.

“I just received a promotion at work. The new duties are overwhelming, I have been getting nightmares. I know that everything will be O.K. because I am an overcomer in Jesus’ name. The holy ghost is with me!
Thank you for your message, it picked up my day!!” – K.H.

“I am impressed with the quality of the e-mail ministry messages!” – M.K.K.

“I thank you for the regular Christian E-mails. I enjoy the uplifting that they give to me when I check my mail. I am at the office normally, and with all the pressures that go along with my normal day, it helps me with prioritizing what is truly important and gives me peace.” – D.P.

I always enjoy hearing how this ministry has touched you. I let the Holy Spirit work through me when I pick which message to send out each time. I never know how it will be received, I just follow His lead!

I have been asked by several people if it is “ok” to use these messages in their newsletters and teachings. Please feel free to use the material from the E-Mail Ministry in any way that will further God’s kingdom. These messages are not original to E-Mail Ministry. If I know who the author is, I note it in the message. Otherwise I believe these messages are in the common domain.

I am so pleased, and feel blessed, that this ministry has been of service to you.

May you continue to realize God’s blessings as you do His work.

— doug
Founder, Editor, Webmaster & ‘Chief Bottle Washer’ of E-Mail Ministry