E-Mail Ministry is Four Years Old


Today (December 3, 2002) is the fourth birthday for E-Mail Ministry. This ministry started as a calling from God to combine my fasination with the power of the internet with my call for evangelism. The first message went to 15 friends and family. Now it reaches over 21,000 messages around the world. I thank God for giving me this opportunity to do his work.

I would like to thank everyone who has sent me e-mails telling me how
God has used this ministry to bless and minister to you. I would also
like to thank all of you who have forwarded these messages onto others
so that more may know of God’s love for them. I wish that I could reply
to each of your e-mails, but time does not allow. Please accept this
note of thanks. Your e-mails sustain me and provide me with God’s
strength to continue this ministry.

* * *
I would like to thank all of you who have sent in donations. If you have
been blessed by this ministry, please ask God what He would have you support it. There are three key ways this ministry needs your support:

1) Please forward the messages onto others. E-Mail Ministry does not advertise but relies upon you to tell your friends, family and work associates about this ministry.

2) Please pray for this ministry. Pray that this ministry will reach seekers and believers around the world.

3) Please support this ministry with your financial gifts. Consider making a year end, tax deductible contribution. Contributions can be made by check. Contributions can be sent to:
E-Mail Ministry, Inc.
P.O. Box 6293
Plymouth, MI 48170

E-Mail Ministry is exclusively supported by its subscribers. I do not
accept any compensation for my efforts with this ministry. Donations
are solely used to offset the growing costs of this ministry. It is my
prayer that, like God’s grace, EMM always remains free.

In this Christmas season I ask that you bless those who have blessed you and those who need your support.

* * *
After four years of E-Mail Ministry I believe the future is as bright
as ever. In these current times, ministries like E-Mail Ministry provide Christians with a much needed way to introduce God and Jesus to their friends and families.

With your support, I pray that 2003 will be a bountiful year for this ministry and for you and your family.

I pray this message finds you growing in the understanding of how much
God loves you.

— doug
Founder, Editor, Webmaster & ‘Chief Bottle Washer’ of E-Mail Ministry

P.S. This message is in lieu of the message I would have sent out yesterday (Monday)