Major E-Mail Ministry Announcements

I am pleased to make the following announcements concerning E-Mail

E-Mail Ministry has achieved two major milestones in the past month and
I would like to share them with you. God has been good to made it
possible for this ministry to take the next steps in its development.

E-Mail Ministry has just received notification from the United States
government that E-Mail Ministry, Inc. is now a recognized 501(c)(3)
organization. For those who don’t speak the U.S. tax code, E-Mail
Ministry is now a recognized non-profit organization and all donations
made to E-Mail Ministry are tax deductible on your U.S. federal income

E-Mail Ministry is a one person ministry which works on a very limited
budget and relies solely on contributions to offset the growing costs of
this ministry. E-Mail Ministry is free to all who request it due
exclusively to your generous donations. I do not accept any compensation
for my efforts. 100% of your donations go to the expenses of the

If you would like to make a donation you can send a check to:
E-Mail Ministry, Inc.
P.O. Box 6293
Plymouth, MI 48170

I want to thank those who provided insight into this process as well as
copies of their own organization’s 501(c)(3) application which were
invaluable as a guide.

Since the start of E-Mail Ministry I have constantly been looking for
ways to expand and improve this ministry. However, as you are aware,
expansion does not come without a cost. I am currently investigating
ways to improve the subscriber distribution list functionality as well
as add other features to the website (see below for latest site
addition). However, all of this does not come freely. Subscribing is
free for all who ask, but the ministry itself is not free. I pray that
if you have been blessed by this ministry that you would be willing to
support if by forwarding the messages onto others (see below), praying
for the ministry’s continued strength and support if financially if
* * *

The other major announcement is that the United States government has
granted E-Mail Ministry, Inc. and exclusive trademark for “E-Mail
Ministry”. This gives E-Mail Ministry the exclusive right to use the
term “E-Mail Ministry”. Others may have a similar ministry and format,
but they may not use the term “E-Mail Ministry”.
* * *

As you may have noticed above, E-Mail Ministry has changed its
mailing address. The new address is:
E-Mail Ministry, Inc.
P.O. Box 6293
Plymouth, MI 48170

The website address ( and the e-mail
address ( all remain the same.
* * *

There has been an addition to the E-Mail Ministry web services. Due to
the number of prayer requests I receive, I have had a Prayer Request
section added to the website. You can easily add a prayer by going to: Then click on the link
at the top of the page to add your prayer request.

All prayer requests will be posted immediately to the web site. Please
note, your name and email are optional. If they are submitted, they
will be displayed on the web site along with your prayer request. Please
do not enter your name or email if you do not want them displayed.
Prayer requests will be displayed for a total of 14 days.
* * *

I want to thank John from for his efforts in creating the
current E-Mail Ministry web site and for the new addition of the Prayer
Request section. His efforts have been a blessing as they have made
E-Mail Ministry a more useful resource for all who it serves.

A little about is a Christian email
provider that offers a high quality, ad-free alternative to the
mainstream email providers. charges only $7.95 per year,
which includes:

* Unique Christian Email Address. When it comes to picking an email
address, only you can decide which email provider fits your needs best, or

* Ad-free web interface and POP3 access. Since we are supported by the
small yearly fee we charge, we do not display any advertising on our
email site and we do not put promotional messages at the bottom of all
your emails. POP3 access means you can access your email with your
favorite email program such as Microsoft Outlook Express.

* 10 Megabytes of Disk Space. This allows you to store a lot of emails
without your inbox getting full.

Comparable features from other email providers cost $19.95 per year or
more. For more information, go to

So, if you want an email address which says what you believe, get your
free e-mail address (for example: For more
information, visit his web site at:
* * *

As always, feel free to send these messages on to others as the Lord
leads you. I respectfully request that when you forward the messages
on, please leave the ‘header’ and ‘footer’ information in place so that
others may know about this ministry and how to subscribe. Also, feel
free to use these messages in your church bulletins, sermons, bible
studies, etc. If you do use the messages, please put “Message
distributed by E-Mail Ministry (” at the
bottom of any material you use. That way more people will become aware
of this ministry.

E-Mail Ministry has over 21,000 subscribers in over 70 countries due in
large part to your answering God’s call to tell your friends, family and
work associates. I want to thank you for your faithfulness to God and
this outreach ministry.

Have a blessed day!

— doug

— The entire staff of E-Mail Ministry

“E-Mail Ministry” is a trademark of E-Mail Ministry, Inc.