I Was The Nails


I was the nails that hung Him there,
I was the sorrow that He had to bear.
It was my sins, my wayward ways
That held my Savior to the cross that day.
I was the agony and the pain
I was the one who brought shame to His Name.
I was the one who couldn’t care less.
To bring the Son of God to a place like this.
I was the one who spat in His Face,
I was the one who brought this disgrace.
I was the one yelling “Crucify Him,”
I was the one-had it not been.
And yet He loved me.
He looked at me with eyes full of love.
He loved me in spite of all I had done.
He gave me hope in the midst of it all,
Letting me know He was indeed the Son of God .
He saw past all the cruelty I did give,
And knew in my heart that I was hungry for Him.
He knew that I was just one in the crowd
And that many more like me one day would bow.
He knew.
He knew that I needed Him so.
And that is why to Calvary
He was willing to go.
No, I can’t say that I am proud I did this to Him,
But I am proud to share what new life He gives.
See-you are standing there pointing at me
And in your way of thinking I am all that you say.
I know you are ready to condemn me insane,
But what you don’t know is He took my sins away…
Yes, my sins are gone and yours too can be.
All because Jesus did go to Calvary.
He suffered so and so willingly,
So you and I both could be set free…
He loved you and He loved me
He proved it there
There on Calvary.

— written by: Lisa Peter