Poems by Natalie

Hi, I just wanted to submit some of my poems I’ve written to this E-Mail Ministry, it’s an awesome cause! It’s helped me witness by forwarding it!!!! Thank you!



You never ever support
the decisions that I make.
You point and laugh,
as my tears fall,
I feel they could fill a lake.

In everything I say,
and in everything I do,
makes you laugh,
and makes you smile,
for it…s a big joke to you.

you “live life to the fullest”
that is, to man…s desire,
but if you…d just,
put trust in God,
you…d live a life even higher.

My hear is full of darkened sin,
but God forgives and forgets, you see.
So to keep this bracelet,
on my wrist
I forgive you, without you even asking me.

After I talk to you,
about God…s only son,
again you smile,
but when Christ comes back,
You…ll see, I…ll be the smiling one!



I…m humbled as I realize,
all you gave,
You…ve given us a reason to live,
from hell, we are saved.

You gave so much more than money,
(which is what we only sometimes share),
you gave more than just physical,
but spiritual, because I know you care!

You gave peace for the fearful,
love for whom…s left out.
You gave life to the dead,
faith to those who doubt.

You even give your honor,
and don…t keep it for yourself,
you…re humbled as,
you give honor to God,
not keep it for your own wealth!

You don…t just want our money,
but an important part,
or our body, the spiritual sense,
our dark and sinful heart.

All we really need,
is not food or clothes,
but strong faith,
to believe,
and keep us from “spiritual lows”.

So now that I know, I take my broken heart,
and lay it at your feet.
I…m ready Lord for anything,
for problems I shall soon meet.



Leaves rustling in the wind
Thunder from the sky,
A single drop of rain,
A baby…s first sigh.

Ants that load three times it…s weight,
Birds whistling a tune
A mother giving birth,
Craters in the moon.

A father and his son
Fishing from the pier
Don…t these things
Point to show
An awesome God is here?

Something can…t come from nothing.
So what…s with this “Big Bang”?
>From nothing to a human.
These plans are insane.

All these things are miracles,
“It…s all God” it…s true.
For surely these are things
Nothing man could ever do!

When we hear the name of Jesus,
Every knee should bow in glory.
Yet, instead of bowing, (as we should)
We turn away his story.

So how come some don…t realize,
The rudeness of the pain
They give to God as they do
Use his name in vain.

How Can people overlook,
The wonders of our Shepherd?
When evidence is all around,
Even in a leper.

How can one believe
In a false teaching,
When Jesus died for you?
On a cross he lost his breathing.

Today I hope you take the time,
To take a look around you.
Please realize these words are true.
God always surrounds you.