Siberia / Littleton


Since capturing of American soldiers in Serbia and the tragic events in Littleton, Colorado I have received several e-mails. I pass these along to you in hopes that, if you aren’t all ready, you will add the captive solders and the family and friends of the victims as well as the community of Littleton to your prayer list.

The US soldiers held captive in Serbia. Lets pray for their safe return.

Staff Sgt. Andrew A. Ramirez, 24 of Los Angeles
Staff Sgt. Christopher J. Stone, 25, of Smiths Creek, Mich
Spec. Steven M. Gonzales, 24, of Huntsville, Texas.

The Littleton Shooting Victims:

Cassie Bernall, 17
Steven Curnow, 14
Corey DePooter, 17
Kelly Fleming, 16
Matthew Kechter, 16
Daniel Mauser, 15
Daniel Rohrbough, 15
William “Dave” Sanders, 47
Rachel Scott, 17
Isaiah Shoels, 18
John Tomlin, 16
Lauren Townsend, 18
Kyle Velasquez, age unknown

The following web site gives a brief bio of the shooting victims.

This following site is a wonderfully done web web in memory of the Colorado students who lives were taken from us. Give this page time to load, then scroll and read all, and pass the page on to a friend.

With Heartfelt Love for Littleton, Colo.

To Christians around the world,
With the recent event in Littleton CO, the media, experts, pundits and counselors have all asked the question “Why?” And in response to that, I say “Why not?” Why shouldn’t these events unfold in Littleton when our generation is suffering from a complete disregard for God in all aspects of life. In an age where moral relativism flourishes and where a majority of people believe there is no absolute truth or right and wrong; why shouldn’t violence predominate this society? But in the midst of this tragedy, there is a shinning example. Before she was shot, one of the students was asked this simple question by one of the killers; “Do you believe in God?” Her response, “Yes I do and so should you.” This simple statement of faith ended her earthly life but I am confident that today she is with Jesus. What would you have said, what would I have said? This world needs more people like that brave student who took a stand for her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! It’s time we stood up and professed our faith like she did! It’s time that this world comes back to God! Events like Littleton and Jonesboro are not going to end unless the Word of God is preached to all people. If you are looking for a hero in today’s world, you need look no further than the young woman who gave her life for Christ and is today with Him in heaven. Let’s bring this world back under the rule of God! Let’s make a stand for Jesus and stop satan’s work!
Peace in Christ,
Eric Popiel

(Prayer said by Pat Robertson)


We come before you in this moment of tragedy, and we ask, oh God, that you would accept our cry for forgiveness. Lord, we are sinners, and we live in the midst of a nation of sinners. And, oh God, we have sinned against the Lord; we have turned to worldly ways; we have slaughtered the innocent; we have ignored, time and time again, what is being done to our children in our schools. We have acted as if it doesn’t matter that these children are being taken away from the path of God, and we have allowed the Supreme Court to run over us, Lord, and we haven’t protested. We have taken it meekly. Lord, forgive us. Forgive us, God for sinning against You.

And we pray right now, my Father, that you will reach out now to those who are grieving — the parents, whose hearts are breaking because their precious children have been killed. Lord, for the pastor who grieves, for the families who grieve, for the fellow students who still live, oh God, stand in their midst, and may this tragedy be something that will shock a nation and bring us back to You that we might restore the Godly heritage that was ours in this land. Forgive us, Lord, cleanse us, and heal this land.

In Jesus Name,


A personal note from Doug:

Has anyone else wondered about the mixed message, as a people and as a country, we send when we are in the middle of bombing Serbia and then condemn those who use violence to resolve their problems. We, as Christians, must live what we believe. We must stand up for what is right BEFORE it gains a foothold in our lives, our community, our nation, and our world. It requires prayer. It requires God’s unconditional love and Christ’s endless grace. It requires Christian Action. It requires you and me.

One person can make a difference. A difference in your own life, in the lives of your children (no matter what their age), in the lives of your friends and work associates. Christ’s love is a fire which needs you to feed it so it will spread throughout the world. It requires you and me.

— Author Unknown