Veterans’ Day

Today (Monday, November 12th) is the day “Veterans Day” is observed. Veterans Day is set aside as a time to honor those who have served in uniform during periods of conflict and challenge. It may have been in the mosquito infested jungles at Guadalcanal, on the frozen tundra of the Korean Peninsula, in the muddy quagmire that were rice paddies in Vietnam or in a sandstorm near the Kuwaiti border. Now it’s time to thank them.

The recent acts of terrorism in our country draws attention to just how fragile our freedoms are. It has been the veterans of our nation who have safeguarded our liberties in foreign lands. Today, many of our service men and women are serving right here in the United States of America, at war against a foe they may not recognize. These patriots deserve our appreciation, our support and our recognition.

God bless all those who fight for freedom, yesterday, today and tomorrow and may God continue to bless peace loving nations who stand strong against evil in this world.

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance” – Thomas Jefferson

— doug